Suzanne LaFetra Collier has worn a lot of hats.  

She has taught in a Tijuana prison, tie-dyed tee shirts in a steamy jungle town, and owned a folk art boutique in San Francisco where she sold fertility charms and giant carved wooden mermaids.

Along with her husband, she directed and produced the award-winning documentary film FREE: The Power of Performance which was nationally broadcast on PBS this fall.

A decade ago, she bluffed her way into working as a journalist, writing the weekly Arts & Leisure feature for several Bay Area newspapers. Since then, she’s written essays, book reviews, short stories, poems for children, radio commentaries, and just about everything else.

Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous publications including The Sun, Creative Nonfiction, Brevity, Smokelong Quarterly, Rosebud, Ladybug Magazine, Highlights for Children, and in fifteen anthologies.

She lives with her family in Berkeley, California, where she’s at work on a novel set in a Tijuana prison.